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 The Oregon Queer Youth Summit (OQYS) is a conference held by and for queer & trans identified youth and their allies. 

SATURDAY, MAY 13th, 2017, 9a-5p at

Portland Community College Cascade Campus

Join us for Queer Prom from 6-9p at the Q Center!

Workshops include: 

- Explore Your Gender!

- Drag 101

- Coming Out: Belonging to Ourselves

- Surviving Higher Education

- Recipes and Resistance

- DIY Resistance: Self-liberation and Sufficiency

- Glitter Beards

- LGBT History

- Safe Sex and Consent

- Loving and Celebrating Your Body and Gender

- Youth: Organizing, Action & Safety

- LGBT survival in rural communities

- Fill Yourself with Art

- Bath Bombs For Activists And Queers

- Queer Love Quilting

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Several hundred queer youth (any age - 24 years old) from all over the Pacific Northwest come to share their ideas and open hearts, see keynote speeches, eat delicious food, and dance it out at a queer prom. AND IT'S ALL FREE!!!

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Are you a community parter who wants to support OQYS by tabling at the event?

Click here to sign up!



Schedule of the day

9a-10a - Doors open & Registration & Breakfast (STUDENT UNION)


10a - 10:45 Opening Ceremony (MORIARTY AUDITORIUM)

Native Opening Blessing

Keynote Speaker: Stefhannie Josephine-Calhoun

Opening Performer: Camryn Gustafson


--10:45-11a Snack n Pass--


11a-12p Workshop Session 1


Explore Your Gender! (Community Discussion) (CH 303)

A group discussion where attendees will be given space to explore their gender identity without fear of judgement or retaliation. Zoe will lead the discussion with prompts such as: "Is there such a thing as a 'real' man' or a 'real woman'?" "Do you shave? Does that have anything to do with your gender?" "Do you think there's some sort of connection between your gender and your spirituality?" It doesn't matter whether you're questioning, trans, or anything else; come and reflect on your identity, share it, and celebrate it!


Wigs! Makeup! Drag 101 (CH 310)

So you wanna perform in Drag?! Well congrats! You can! Come on in and chat we me as we cover some of the basics fundamentals of drag. Bring a friend or 3, and your questions. Let's get FIERCE!


Coming Out: Belonging to Ourselves (CH 301)

This workshop will be all about coming out.  All OQYS attendees are welcome to participate in group discussions about building a support system; helping our understanding of what we hope for by coming out; and making a self care plan for when things go wrong.  We will leave with a feeling of belonging that will help us with the trials we may face in our lives.

Surviving Higher Education  (CH 307)

Thinking about maybe going to college in the near future? Wondering how to start applying? How to not break the bank for an education? What it may be like once you're actually there? This will be an informal information session with a current college student** on how to navigate some of the questions and challenges around investigating possibilities in attending college, specifically for queer youth. The format will be a casual slideshow with lots of time for discussion, questions, and brainstorming. Ideal for high school students and families at any stage in the college application, from simply curious to starting in the fall.

**( Megan Kender is a queer 20 year old starting her third year at Hampshire College studying Environmental History and Education)


Recipes for Resistance (CH 304)

Let's talk about street art, come learn recipes, techniques, and logistics. Why do people do artistic resistance? What does it accomplish? How do I get started? These are all things we'll discuss in our workshop.




12-1:15p LUNCH


1:15-2:15p Workshop Session 2


DIY Resistance: Self-liberation and Sufficiency (CH 310)

Queer Survival 2017- things you can do to improve your individual and collective well-being whilst living in, resisting, and deconstructing/reforming our oppressive, capitalist society.


LGBTQ History (CH 301)
A workshop about LGBTQ history historic figures in our community, and past movements. Leave more educated about the LGBTQ Community and its history.


Safe Sex and Consent (CH 305)
This will be for all body/gender/orientation inclusive workshop on sexual health, safer sex, and consent! Got questions you've been too nervous to ask? We'll have an anonymous question box we'll be answering questions from.


Loving and Celebrating Your Body and Gender (CH 304)

A crafty exploration of gender and body image for Queer and trans* bodied folks. This workshop will be a safe space for participants to talk about their gender identities and create positive affirmations for their bodies. This workshop will not be a teaching space for those who do not know about trans* identities.


Youth: Organizing, Action & Safety (CH 209)

PSAN is a group of high school activists who have been organizing since fall, leading protests, and campaigns. We wanna help empower other youths to get out and organize. Even though we can't vote, there are many ways for us to get our voices heard.


--2:15-2:30p Snack n Pass--


2:30-3:30p Workshop Session 3


LGBTQ+ survival in rural communities: group discussion (CH 303)

Come listen to our open discussion about the daily struggles and triumphs of rural LGBTQ+ people in conservative settings.


DIY: Glitter Beards for Queer Prom! (CH 304)

Live Glitter Beard how to!! Teaching you how to get the kind of facial hair you want and need!


Fill Yourself with Art (CH 305)

In this workshop you will be making art out of your body! On a big piece of paper we'll trace our bodies and then fill them with drawings, collage, and other forms of art. Come explore your own self expression and art with us!


Bath Bombs For Activists And Queers (CH 307)

Q/Ts and people with limited spoons have to deal with a lot of stress. Baths are an excellent way to relax, and bath bombs are an easy and fun way to make them even more beneficial. Come make some bath bombs, and learn the best ingredients to use to improve mental health after anxiety attacks, depressive episodes, fear, intense activity, and chronic pain flare-ups.


Queer Love Quilting (CH 310)

We all know that for some of us, being queer means feeling isolated in your community. Come help to create a quilt that can serve as a comforting reminder that each of us is loved and special. No artistic skills required!

--3:30-3:45p Snack n Pass--


3:45-4:15p - AGE CAUCUS  (Adults stationed at doors for support)


High School (CH 310)

Older than High School (CH 210)


--4:15-4:30p Snack n Pass--



Closing Performer - Briauna


PERFORMING AT PROM @ Q Center - Bomb Ass Pussy, Fyre